YouTube Star Jaclyn Hill Wears 'Canceled' Halloween Costume After Controversial Lipstick Launch

The beauty guru poked fun at internet haters when she "canceled" herself with her Halloween costume

YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill sent a message to her haters with her Halloween costume.

After facing backlash over the summer for launching allegedly defective lipsticks, Hill, 29, poked fun at the internet’s intense “cancel culture” by wearing a custom Bryan Hearns plunging mini dress with the words “JACLYN HILL CANCELED” and “SHE’S CANCELED” written across the design in sequin red lettering. She accessorized the look with layered ruby and diamond necklaces and fake blood slashed across her chest and face.

The design came together in a matter of a couple of days, Hearns tells PEOPLE exclusively. “She decided last minute to throw the craziest party, so we literally had five days to make the look,” he says. “I think it was a commentary on cancel culture and how easy it is to be canceled for some drama, especially in the YouTube space.”

The internet immediately had mixed opinions on Hill’s Halloween costume. Some loved the statement-making look and others accused her of taking things too far.

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill/Instagram

“Let the haters hate. But I personally LOVED @Jaclynhill‘s Halloween costume! GET IT, GIRL!” one person tweeted.

Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill/Instagram

Someone else wrote: “Ok @Jaclynhill i see you girl! You killed your Halloween costume.”

Other people felt “disappointed” that Hill made light of her controversial lipstick launch by wearing the “canceled” costume.

“I‘m beyond disgusted and disappointed in @Jaclynhill at this point. After everything that went down with her lipsticks, her apologies and her taking a break from social media because everything was too hard for her… seeing her halloween costume is just… repulsive,” said a Twitter user.

“[sic] wanting: semi gross content in next tweet!! but tonight jaclyn hill (@Jaclynhill) posted a halloween costume that’s making a joke about her being canceled… as if she was canceled over something small and not literally dangerous lipsticks. why does this bother me so much?” another person tweeted.

Hill launched her namesake brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, with a 20-piece collection of nude lipsticks over the summer, but later stopped selling the items and refunded all customers after many complained that they received allegedly defective lipsticks.

@Jaclynhill @jaclyncosmetics I am a huge supporter! Seriously love you. I was soooo excited to buy your lipsticks. Today when I went to put on “Decaf” ..I noticed there was a hard ball inside of it. What is it? Can I get a replacement?” one of Hill’s followers tweeted to her alongside a picture of her lipstick.

Once more customers began posting photos and videos of their lipstick bullets, which appeared to have small black holes, lumps and tiny hair fibers, Hill announced the refund.

“I’m going to be issuing a full refund, including shipping and tax, to every single customer from Jaclyn Cosmetics,” Hill said in a statement shared on her Instagram Story. “I don’t care about the loss of this money. You know how embarrassing this is for me. I will do everything in my power to make this right moving forward and learn from this lesson God has given me.”

Jaclyn Cosmetics also addressed the refund in a statement on Twitter, which was also shared on the brand’s website. “Over the past few weeks, consumers have brought forward a number of quality issues with regard to our So Rich Lipsticks. We’ve taken this feedback very seriously and have been conducting a thorough investigation of each issue brought to our attention. We’ve also taken time to perform extensive additional third-party testing on the product to ensure we’re giving you the most accurate information possible,” the statement read.

Jaclyn Hill/YouTube

“We’ve determined that the quality of more than enough of our So Rich Lipstick production did not meet the standards we aimed to achieve. As such, we will be issuing a full refund (including shipping charges) to everyone who purchased the product.”

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