After launching a bestselling eyeshadow palette, the YouTube makeup expert teamed up with the makeup brand Morphe again to create another palette and makeup brush set

By Kaitlyn Frey
February 07, 2020 07:33 PM
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YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill isn’t shy about admitting that 2019 was a challenging year. But that hasn’t slowed her down. The 29-year-old star had a successful relaunch of her brand Jaclyn Cosmetics in December that left her feeling “so good and so confident” and has plans to continue growing the company, while also preparing to release another exciting project: the next iteration of her bestselling Morphe makeup collection.

More than two years after Hill first teamed up with the makeup brand to launch the first Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow palette (which sold out in just 45 minutes!), the duo worked together to create the Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II, which she describes as “the big sister to my original palette.”

“You put them together and they complement each other so much. This one has more pizzaz and pop. It features so many beautiful pinks and golds and corals, so it’s the perfect time of year for it,” Hill tells PEOPLE exclusively.


Morphe co-founder Linda Tawil worked closely with Hill to design both palettes and says now is “the right time” for their next collaboration. “It’s been over two years and the first one was loved by everybody. It was the baby of all babies for Jaclyn and I,” she says.


Hill adds: “Not to sound cocky, but the first palette we did together is literally the most iconic palette in the industry. It broke so many records. We actually have a trophy for it. So we were like, ‘Why not? Let’s do round two.'”

While the new palette will include the same matte, satin and shimmer formulas as the original one, it also features a brand-new pressed glitter that Hill’s obsessed with. “There are four of them in gold and neutral tones,” she says. “They are so unique and creamy and glittery. You can just use your fingers to apply them, or a wet brush if you want.”


Morphe and Hill are also adding 15 more brushes to her existing Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Master Collection. “I love that I get to create such amazing products at such an inexpensive price point,” the star says. (The palette rings up to $39 while the brush set is $99 and individual brushes range from $4 to $24.)


For fans who are dying for the next product drop in Hill’s namesake brand, she says there are plenty of exciting launches coming down the pipeline. “As of right now, we are working on building it out through 2022,” she explains. “Every single day there are new products put in front of my face in the lab.  We’re trying to create this core brand I’ve always dreamt of.”

Hill faced backlash from fans who complained of finding hair fibers, lumps and tiny black holes in their Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks at launch in June 2019. She relaunched the brand with a collection of highlighters in December. She says, “The launch was sticky and it was messy and sucked for me, but after the highlighter launch, I’m so excited to just prove myself in the industry.”

When dealing with the fallout of her lipstick launch, Hill turned to fellow businesswomen celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin (founder of haircare brand, Ouai) and Claudia “Norvina” Soare (president of Anastasia Beverly Hills). “They were both so encouraging and gave me incredible advice about being a business owner, being a boss and being a woman more than anything. It’s so hard to be a female entrepreneur and be taken seriously. When you mess up, it’s so easy for people to kick you down. Since they both run companies, create products and have had mistakes, they know what it’s like and they lifted me up constantly,” Hill says.

The most important lesson she took away from 2019? “Just keep going,” Hill says. “I dead-stopped in my tracks for a minute there. I panicked and went into such a deep depression. It was just so bad. I never want to go through that again. It doesn’t matter what you go through — picking yourself up and continuing to move on and believe in yourself is so important for your mental health.”

An ongoing battle with anxiety and depression is something that Hill candidly shares with her followers. “I don’t know why so many people feel embarrassed to talk about the way they feel. I’ve never been like that,” she says. “I’ll walk into a meeting being like, ‘Hey guys, sorry if I’m off today. I was up last night crying.’ Everybody has struggled with anxiety and depression at some point in their lifetime. There’s no need to be ashamed about it.”

When Hill is having a rough day, she loves to treat herself to a midday “bubble bath with essential oils and candles” because “it cures everything.” But she also says it’s been “so therapeutic” to open up to her fans about her struggles on social media .

“I love being honest with them and letting them know where I’m at in my life and what I’ve been going through,” Hill says. “I feel like we’re friends and have that connection.”

The Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II and The Master Remix Collection launch globally on Feb. 13 in Morphe stores and at