The makeup artist and Property Brother J.D. Scott tied the knot at a private home in Las Vegas on Halloween

HGTV personality J.D. Scott and makeup artist Annalee Belle did not stick to tradition when it came to their 1940s and ’50s vintage movie theatre themed wedding — and that also goes for the bride’s one-a-kind wedding ring.

Property Brothers‘ Drew and Jonathan Scott‘s older sibling J.D. tied the knot to Belle at a private home in Las Vegas on Halloween, and PEOPLE has an exclusive look at her heart-shaped sparkler.

J.D. Scott and Anna Lee Belle
Credit: Bryan Steffy/WireImage. Inset: Courtesy of Tammy Dominik
JD Scott and Anna Lee Belle
Credit: Courtesy of Tammy Dominik

Belle chose a multi-colored ring featuring rose gold detailing and a pink tourmaline after trying out several designs, stone types and stone sizes. Surrounding the heart-shaped center stone are 15 small aquamarine, yellow sapphire, diamond and amethyst round stones.

JD Scott and Anna Lee Belle
Credit: Courtesy of Tammy Dominik
J.D. Scott and Annalee Belle
Credit: Courtesy Tammy Dominik

“We designed it to lay flat against the finger, and with a bezel set center so that it is easy to wear and won’t catch while she does hair and makeup,” jeweler Tammy Dominik, founder of The Jewel Princess, tells PEOPLE, adding that the ring is “perfect for Annalee.”

“You really feel like you get to know a person through designing something so meaningful with someone, and it was such a blessing to be able to work with Annalee through this,” she says.

JD Scott wedding
Credit: Courtesy Michael Wilkes

On her big day, the bride made her entrance in front of 180 guests on a stunning black Belgian horse named Zena, while holding a pastel and cream-colored bouquet. Her dress was the “perfect mix of classy, sexy, fierce, feminine, dreamy and daring,” Belle tells PEOPLE. “Anyone who sees me or knows me can tell I don’t like traditional anything.”

JD Scott wedding

The groom wore a sequin-covered suit paired with a matching tie, while his five groomsmen (including Drew and Jonathon!) sported Mortal Kombat costumes. The outfits inspired by the classic video game were comprised of stretchy black leggings, colored tunics, and shin and wrist guards. The group also sported smokey black eye makeup.

The groomsmen even appeared to have stayed in character. They can be seen shifting their weight and punching their fists against their palms as the game’s characters do while they await their next move, in a video posted to Instagram.

According to celebrity wedding planner Sophie Parrott of Marvelous Events USA, the couple, who got engaged last Halloween wanted “informal” and “fun” for the concession movie theatre style menu, which included hot dogs, pretzels, and pizza nachos. “Super casual and unpretentious.”

Parrott adds that the bride and groom wanted their “I Do’s” to be a “fun and engaging experience” for guests from beginning to end during the “adventure-filled wedding celebration.”