June 29, 2007 07:00 PM

Evan Agostini/Getty

Ivanka Trump, The Donald’s eldest daughter who was featured prominently on the last season of The Apprentice, is ready to make a name for herself: She’s launching her very own jewelry company in September, called — what else? — Ivanka Trump. “It’s very high end, very cool, a little bit of Old Hollywood reinvented,” Trump revealed to PEOPLE during a “ladies-night” outing with a group of girlfriends at downtown Manhattan’s newly refurbished SushiSamba restaurant. “It’s my first totally independent venture, and I’m really excited.” True to Trump style, the line’s not exactly inexpensive — think “a lot of diamonds,” Trump says, showing off a signature 7-carat diamond ring and large diamond-encrusted knotted earrings. The sometime model and successful real estate developer at the Trump Organization will be selling her pieces at her very own Ivanka Trump stores, the first of which will open on New York’s tony Madison Avenue in September (the second in Las Vegas will follow shortly after). “At the end of the day my focus will always be the real estate,” Trump admits. “But I love jewelry, and I’m just excited about it!”

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