October 25, 2012 06:00 PM
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How did designer Ivanka Trump get ideas for her latest collections of clothing and accessories? By walking through her hometown and museum-hopping.

“It’s a fashion homage to this great city,” Trump tells PEOPLE about her fall apparel, handbag, jewelry and footwear. “The central inspiration was a walk through New York. So we have a MoMA-inspired collection, a Metropolitan Museum of Art collection and a floral collection evocative of the seasonal flowers in Central Park.”

Trump also reveals the type of woman she designs for, and that woman happens to sound a lot like the mogul herself. “She is professional, smart, polished, sophisticated, but youthful and likes to have fun,” the designer explains. She adds that it’s key to create clothing for women who are working, but also have a social life, saying that the transition “from day-to-night is very important to me.”

Something else Trump focuses on? Keeping price points down. “There’s no reason a beautiful cotton tunic needs to cost $2,000 — unless the designer wants it to be. So I wanted to create accessible fashion.”

You can shop her fall collections here. And keep an eye out for more products from Trump in the near future. She reveals to PEOPLE, “I’m really looking forward to creating a line of children’s clothing.” And after that? “I’m also thinking about a makeup and skincare line.”

Watch the exclusive video above to hear more about Trump’s favorite pieces from the line. Tell us: Are you excited to shop the collection?

–Jennifer Cress


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