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Kmart has collaborated with a bevy of celebrities ranging from Sofia Vergara to Adam Levine. But its most iconic star? Actress Jaclyn Smith, who is celebrating her 30th anniversary with the retailer. In honor of the milestone, we’re throwing it way back. Below, see the star’s first ads for the brand (and marvel over how she’s hardly aged a day since 1985).

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PEOPLE caught up with the model-actress-designer (who famously played Kelly Garrett on the popular ’70s show Charlie’s Angels) to find out the secret behind the longevity of her collection (100 million women have purchased clothing and accessories from her line since its launch!). According to Smith, it’s all about creating timeless looks.

“The pieces need to go from day to night,” Smith explains. “I’m a mom, I’m traveling, I need to feel comfortable all day. The fabrics need to look good, but really, they need to feel good or I won’t wear it.”

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A few of her staples: the utility shirt, a great pencil skirt and her legendary “Angel fit” pant, which she tweaks slightly with each new collection, from the pattern to the fabric.

In terms of finding inspiration for her line, she channels the classic elegance of stars like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and even Kate Moss. “Kate Moss is great at mixing high and low,” she explains. “Anyone who can mix pieces, like a high-priced belt with my pants, is a fashion icon in my eyes.”

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But she also maintains that she’s constantly inspired by her surroundings. “You can be inspired by life — it can be from a Chagall painting or something you see while traveling, or just everyday life like my French bulldog.” (She incorporated her pet into a playful print a few seasons ago.)

Looking back at her time with the brand, she says very little has changed. “When I started out, [the collection] had a much more collegiate feel, similar to Ralph Lauren-esque pieces, like pleated pants.” But she quickly found the niche customer. “I listen to them, they write to me on my website. So I can understand what they like and dislike about the pieces.”

And because we really couldn’t register how she’s stayed so ageless throughout the years, (for reference, the bike photo on the left is from 1994), we had to ask about her beauty routine. She credits it to her skincare regimen (she has her own product line designed in partnership with her husband) and to her family.

“Being loved,” she explains. “I had incredible parents, I have an amazing husband, two wonderful children — that’s really the key to it, being loved.”

What pieces do you love in Smith’s Kmart collection? Share your thoughts below.

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–Colleen Kratofil

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