Boy, he's really kept us guessing with his mane

By Alex Apatoff
Updated December 18, 2013 06:07 PM

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Yes, you read that right. Perpetual gold standard for Hollywood hotties Brad Pitt has reached that half-century milestone today. (And if you’re stunned, you’re not alone: Literally everyone we’ve discussed this with has expressed disbelief.)

And while there’s no denying that the man is aging like a fine cheese, and those piercing eyes and that chiseled jawline are certainly timeless, we have to confront a reality: Pitt has had some majorly out-there hair throughout the years.

Starting as a youngster who sported one of the most noteworthy helmet cuts we’ve ever seen, Pitt has been nearly fearless with hair experimentation throughout his 50 years. He burst onto the scene with a groomed bouffant in 1991’s Thelma & Louise, and has been keeping us guessing ever since.

Clockwise from top left, we’ve got the Billy Idol, the Duck Dynasty Dreads, the Watch-Your-Back-Thor, the Hairy Soccer Mom, the proto-Bieber, the Pomade Destroyer, the Golden Boy and the Meg Ryan — and that’s just a quarter of all the styles he’s sported since hitting it big.

Though we won’t say we’ve been in love with every style we’ve seen (we’re still reeling from that long beard), we will give him extra credit for variety. We can’t say Clooney’s kept us so follicularly entertained since 1991.

Which look of Pitt’s was your favorite? Wanna wish him a happy birthday? Go right ahead!

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–Alex Apatoff