By StyleWatch
January 28, 2010 10:44 PM
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Designer Isaac Mizrahi stepped in front of the camera to document his glee upon seeing the First Lady Michelle Obama turn up in a silk long sleeved dress of his design at last night’s State of the Union address, posting a video blog today on his website, “Let’s see, what should I blog about today?” he teased. “I got it! Why don’t I talk about how exquisitely beautiful Michelle Obama looked last night at the State of the Union address?” The Manhattan-based clothier also proclaimed the First Lady’s new, sleek bob “divine” and went on to note the political significance of Mrs. Obama’s plum-hued shift: “It was like the politics of the clothes. Not left, not right, it was kind of like a bipartisan dress. George Stephanopoulos said how interesting it was that she was in a kind of purple-y color which is a blend of red and blue.” Mizrahi can hardly rein in his excitement, revealing, “I go swimming every morning and I managed to casually bring up the State of the Union address about seventeen times, and Mrs. Obama about eighteen times,” he joked. “The whole gym was just abuzz with the news!” To see more of Isaac’s video blog and daily lifestyle series, go to – Emily Hsieh