See the star's latest bridal-ready Instagram photo!

Whitney Port has been talking about her upcoming wedding since the day she got engaged nearly two years ago. She also had her bachelorette party this summer, which means we’re getting really close to her tying the knot with fiancé Tim Rosenman. But did the former reality-star-turned-fashion-designer just take us inside one of her dress fittings? Please reference the bridal photo Port posted on Instagram, below.

Jade Port wedding dress

Courtesy Whitney Port

Well, we investigated, and it looks like the answer to the question above is … “No.” The person in the photo happens to be Whitney’s sister, Jade Port, who is also engaged. And so is her other sister, Paige Port. And her other sister, Ashley Port, is the co-owner of the wedding planning company, BK Events. (Convenient, right?) All the family wedding planning happening might also explain why Whitney has been waiting a while for her big day.

Whitney tagged Jade, who appears to be the person trying on the embellished gown with floral appliqués, in the photo as well as Ashley’s company. BK Events also shared a photo of the three engaged sisters’ rings.

So what do we know about Whitney’s dress?

“I’m waiting for the first sketches, but I sent them a bunch of different inspiration images, so I’m excited to see what they come back with,” she told PEOPLE last year, adding that Lauren Bush Lauren’s turtleneck lace design was one of her favorite celebrity wedding dresses ever. “But for some reason, it’s not a huge stressor for me. I guess I know I’m in good hands, but I don’t have a really clear image on what I want to be, which is probably something people wouldn’t expect given my design background. I have so many different ways I could go.”

What do you think of Whitney’s bridal vision? Do you like the dress Jade tried on? Sound off below.

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–Brittany Talarico