Is the Kardashians' Makeup Artist in a Feud Over Contouring?

Where do you stand on the great contouring debate?


It seems like practically overnight, “contouring” has become the beauty obsession everyone is talking about — and has an opinion on. Brands are creating specialty contour kits left and right. Vloggers are uploading how-to videos by the minute. And now, the Kardashians’ makeup artist and contourer-in-chief, Mario Dedivanovic, just took to Instagram to tell off another famous makeup artist for “bullying” and “making fun” of people who use the technique.

On Wednesday night, Dedivanovic shared the following message to his 1.1 million Instagram followers:

It reads: “It’s sad to see a successful celebrity makeup artist be flat out rude on Instagram and post photos of people’s faces making fun of them. Sure, most celebrity artists including myself don’t care for an overly contoured look which is popular on Instagram and we don’t do makeup like that when we work on set, or on our celeb clients. That doesn’t give an artist the right to laugh at it and be rude. Having a high and mighty attitude about artistry doesn’t add anything to your portfolio. Snide comments don’t increase your day-rate, they just make you look classless and bitter. Keep your negative and hurtful thoughts to yourself and stop being a bully.”

While Dedivanovic didn’t explicitly call out the makeup artist — or the “bullying” photos — in question, upon a brief investigation, it appears he’s referring to a recent interview Pati Dubroff (Charlize Theron‘s makeup artist, among other stars’) did with
The Cut

In the article, Dubroff shares she isn’t a fan of contouring because makeup should be used to “accentuate the things you love” not to “completely reimagine your face” — in addition to the fact that a full face of makeup can “suffocate the skin.” She also points out that many are quick to blame the Kardashians for the growing popularity of the trend, but the difference between them and those who use the technique at home is “that [the Kardashians] have genuinely talented artists working on them.”

On the photos she’s posted, Dubroff has also noted that her distaste for heavy contouring is her “personal opinion” and she means “no offense” to the artists who use the technique.

Makeup, pretty polarizing stuff.

Where you do fall on the great contouring debate? Love it? Hate it? Sound off in the comments below.

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–Lindsay Schallon

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