The singer premieres a platinum fringe that looks just like another celebrity bad girl, Taylor Momsen

By peoplestylewatch
Updated February 03, 2012 06:30 PM

Courtesy Rihanna; PictureGroup

We all know Rihanna can Talk That Talk, but who knew she was a Gossip Girl too?

When the singer debuted a sneak peek at her new platinum do (which she’ll sport on an upcoming cover of ELLE), we couldn’t help but think of another towheaded trouble maker: Taylor Momsen.

With that chunky fringe and stained pout (not to mention that major ‘tude!), Rihanna is the spitting image of a good Upper East Sider gone bad.

But while the look may not be permanent (as we all know, she’s quite the quick change artist), it’s not exactly temporary either: “bleach + weave” she Tweeted a curious fan. Tell us: Who looks better with a platinum fringe?

Justine Harman