January 27, 2016 02:11 PM

The hour is almost upon us when the “best album of all time” will finally be released to the masses and our ears can all bask in the beauty that is Kanye West‘s Waves. But until that fated day arrives, Kim Kardashian West has been dutifully putting in her hours at the recording studio, keeping her husband company and posting a slew of supportive selfies with her sisters as proof. But her latest Instagram post has us all wondering, could these be pieces from Kanye’s other hotly anticipated project, Adidas x Yeezy Season 3?


If Kim’s very uncharacteristic above-the-knee biker shorts weren’t enough of a tip off, the Adidas track jacket speaks volumes. The reality star generally isn’t one to sport the athleisure trend outside the gym unless she’s wearing her trusty Alaïa leggings or apparel from Kanye’s Adidas collaboration. The rapper also later tweeted this same image along with the hashtags #wifey and #season3, which is about as much of a confirmation as we’ll ever be able to get out of West about his top secret collections.

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But while everyone’s sure to be buzzing about the very exclusive runway looks we may or may not be seeing in this image, we’re fascinated by it for a completely different reason. Looking at this shot, we can’t help but be reminded of a certain snap Kim posted of her and North on Christmas day where they both wore matching fur coats and braids…the exact same coat and braids Kim can be seen wearing here. Which really leaves us with only two options: Either Kim is the proud owner of a teleportation device, or she’s been logging so many hours in the gym since giving birth to Saint, she’s simply forgotten to change all month. In which case, we can’t help but be impressed by her commitment to fashion.

What do you think of Kim’s bike shorts? Do you like her french braid and fur coat combo?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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