Ireland Baldwin Debuts Buzz Cut, Feels 'More Beautiful Than Ever'

Ireland Baldwin loses her long locks in favor of a short buzz cut, and says, "Don't tell me I won't do something because I will"

Ireland Baldwin/Instagram Ireland Baldwin Shaved Head.
Photo: Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

Ireland Baldwin has a new look!

The model, 26, revealed photos on Saturday of herself with a freshly shaved head, the short locks bleached platinum blonde. "Don't tell me I won't do something because I will," said the caption accompanying the post.

Her Instagram stories showed a photo of her in the chair, foils covering her red hair. "Bye red villain era … Will miss you," the text on the photo said. The next photo shows off Ireland's blonde buzz cut, with a longer message.

"Do things that scare you. Do things that other people say you'll never do. My hair was destroyed by years of bleach and modeling and bullshit since I was 17. It's long overdue for a restart/refresh. I've always wanted to do this, but I was always scared. Now that I don't care about what other people think, I feel more beautiful than ever."

She also added, "GI Jane/Evey Hammond level unlocked."

Ireland Baldwin/Instagram Ireland Baldwin Shaved Head.
Ireland Baldwin/Instagram Ireland Baldwin Shaved Head.

Ireland's mother Kim Basinger commented on the post, agreeing with her daughter's own caption. "I'm a witness to that and have been for many years … Simply beautiful," the actress commented, followed by a long string of magical emojis.

Ireland, the daughter of Basinger and Alec Baldwin, tagged stylist Hannah Bonetti, who posted a video of the process, which included a shot of Ireland shaving some of her long hair off herself. After a couple of swipes with the clippers, though, she hands the reins back to Bonetti.

"Had the absolute pleasure of helping @irelandirelandireland go fearlessly into uncharted territory this afternoon," Bonetti wrote. "We were planning on a big change (like, bangs), but neither one of us knew our session would end in a transformation of this magnitude. Grateful to have clients who bring all of themselves into my chair and trust me with moments as radical as this. Today was a celebration of shedding that which no longer serves us."

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In April, Ireland shared a post on Instagram about how she has dealt with her own body insecurities after she "reached a boiling point."

"I have been called some version of fat, ugly, worthless and irrelevant by grown adults on the internet since I was a kid. It's nothing new. Paparazzi have followed me around for whatever boring reason and have snapped photos all up, in, and around my ass, cellulite, back fat, double chin, tits, you name it! It's invasive and super lame, but it's out of my control," she said.

Ireland Baldwin/Instagram Ireland Baldwin Shaved Head.
Ireland Baldwin/Instagram Ireland Baldwin Shaved Head.

"I have my bad days, of course. But overall, I f---ing LOVE food … like romantically. I love my body. I love the way it moves. I love how I feel in it," Ireland went on, also revealing, "I am in the most freeing mental headspace I have ever been in about my body image."

"Oh, and … 'fat' is beautiful, not an insult. 'Pigs' are adorable. And so smart. SO jokes on you," she added.

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