The film features the song 'Sine from Above' on Lady Gaga's Chromatica

By Jackie Fields
September 17, 2020 02:51 PM
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Lady Gaga and the house of Valentino have collaborated on several unforgettable fashion moments, among them that epic pink confection at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, the periwinkle gown at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards and the silver sequin ensemble at the 2020 MTV VMAs. So, it seemed only natural that the legendary brand’s Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli would call on the icon to be the face—and voice—of Valentino Beauty’s new Voce Viva fragrance. And now that the stunning campaign is hitting the small screen, PEOPLE has a first look at the star on set.

Valentino Beauty

Lady Gaga filmed the campaign in July in both Barcelona and Los Angeles. In it, she wore a gown designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli for the Valentino Couture show in Beijing in 2019, with hair and makeup done be her trusted glam squad: makeup artist Sarah Tanno and hairstylist  Frédéric Aspiras.

The campaign is set to “Sine From Above,” a song featured on the star’s sixth studio album Chromatica. Of the musical choice, she explains, “[It’s] is about the passion I feel, when I manifest the sounds that I hear in my head. They come in the form of song, messages, ideas, and love. This is my strength. These sounds are the function that form the basis of my voice. I hear them, and then I use them. They are how I live, how I love, how I prosper, and how I survive.”

Valentino Beauty

Lady Gaga says that wearing a design by Piccioli, who through his creations inspires women to embrace their individuality, only enhanced the three-day filming experience.

“I felt strong and alive, hearing myself echo through the forest as I was singing in this dress. It reminded me of my freedom and how I get to experience magic, a freedom and magic I wish everyone to have.”

The fragrance name has deep meaning to Valentino and Lady Gaga, as noted in the brand’s celebratory post.

“Voce Viva (defined by Lady Gaga): This idea that a voice can be alive and that it can be strong.”

Valentino Beauty

As for when Lady Gaga discovered her own voice, she says, “I believe you discover your voice when you discover yourself.”

And though you might think you know what her voice sounds like, here’s what she has to say about its unique being. “My voice is learning. My voice is listening. My voice is expressing and sometimes changing. My voice belongs to me.”

So, what advice does she have others who are looking for their voice, their strength?

“I would say looking for our own voices, to me, is an endless lifetime pursuit. We learn who we want to be, while we also unlearn things we realize we no longer believe. Our voice comes and goes. I would say cultivate your voice exactly as you please. Know it can be strong, and know it belongs to you.”

Valentino Beauty

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Aside from a spritz of fragrance (she wore Voce Viva, which combines notes of moss, sandalwood and vanilla, to the MTV VMAs!), Lady Gaga says the best beauty advice is about having a holistic approach.

“I believe self-care routines, in and of themselves, are the best beauty tip of all. If you care for your mind, body, skin, heart and healing, you approach beauty holistically.”

“For me, using makeup as well as perfume to transform how I feel at any moment is valuable as well. I believe that even though working on ourselves from the inside is the most crucial, I also cherish the power of visual transformation to affect how we feel inside.”

Valentino Beauty

As Lady Gaga continues to use her voice through this partnership, her music, books and more, the one message she’s hoping to spread around the world is:

“On my new album Chromatica, I want everyone to know that even if life is painful sometimes, you can still dance through it. You can dance through it because you’re being brave by fighting the pain and living life. This is something that should be celebrated. This is a reason to dance.”