PEOPLE caught up with the mega-influencer before the premiere of his reality show MTV's Following: Bretman Rock

With an audience of over 35 million across social channels like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, outspoken beauty vlogger Bretman Rock, 22, is one of the most followed influencers in the world.

His fans have come to expect the unexpected over the years, tuning in to his channel for everything from makeup tutorials and pole dancing, to science experiments and taste tests. But even though he shares candid posts daily, Rock (whose real name is Bretman Sacayanan) says there is a lot that goes down when the cameras aren't filming.

On Feb. 8, fans will see what Rock's life is really like for the first time when his new six-episode reality show MTV's Following: Bretman Rock debuts on the network's social channels. Speaking with PEOPLE exclusively ahead of the premiere, the Filipino-born star says he wanted the series to showcase his life in Hawaii.

MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock
Credit: MTV

"I think what I wanted to capture the most is how different my lifestyle is from other influencers' lifestyle in LA, New York, or wherever," Rock says. "The culture here and the person that I am today is really fixed to the island. That's why I wanted to film it here."

MTV's Following: Bretman also stars Rock's sister Princess, assistant Keiffer and childhood friend Larry. It follows the crew as they navigate new business ventures, the coronavirus pandemic and more. As always, Rock will keep things 100% real, unfiltered and over-the-top (the influencer says he "dresses for a ball" every day, even in quarantine amid the pandemic).

Rock's larger than life personality and unwavering commitment to being himself is what his fans love most — but it's also attracted plenty of Internet trolls over the years. Luckily, the social media star says he's learned to brush off the negativity.

MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock
Credit: MTV

"To be honest, once you are comfortable with the person you are and you know the things that you could offer to the world, none of the hate comments can really get to you," he explains. "When people hate on [other] people for being comfortable with themselves, it's really a reflection of who they are as a person and the people that they surround themselves with."

One not-so-glamorous struggle the 22-year-old previously opened up about on his social platforms (especially during his high school years) is his battle with acne.

"Acne has always been a big problem of mine. It's still a problem," the star says. "I think my struggle with acne just kind of triggered the skincare junkie in me. I just wanted to find the best products out there."

"To be honest with you, I feel like a lot of people don't realize that sometimes the best products are the drugstore products. You do not need a $600 moisturizer to get rid of your acne. Sometimes the more expensive a product is, the more weird ingredients that they put in there...You can have so much freaking skincare and still break out."

As for Botox, fillers or plastic surgery procedures, Rock says he has Botox on his hairline to prevent sweating but has never touched his naturally plump lips. "I'm pretty open to it. I never judged people who actually get it. If it's for you, it's for you."

"But for me, I can't really get fillers on my lips because it already looks like I have filled lips," he adds with a laugh. My face is just seen every day. And I feel like if I touch it or do anything with it that people would know, especially this nose. If I did anything people would just know."