See which of your favorite stars tricked us into believing that they had a major mane change


We’re always excited when a celebrity has a new mane change, so when Kim Kardashian shared a series of pictures with new blonde tresses yesterday, our inboxes flooded with emails saying, “OMG! Did you see?!” Despite our suspicions that it might be faux, we couldn’t just ignore her new do — and of course, hours later, the reality star shared another picture of herself with the caption, “It’s just a wig! Looks so real though right?” Though she managed to fool many with her fake locks, she hasn’t been the first celeb to try a hair hoax.

Kim Kardashian blonde wig

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Clockwise from top left, Mindy Kaling also pulled a stunt when she was a guest on Chelsea Lately, showcasing some lash-sweeping bangs on her Insta. Though we loved the chic new look, we were later informed that her “fangs” (faux bangs) were just an experiment. Lauren Conrad and her hairstylist collaborated on their own hair joke, uploaded a picture of the reality star rocking some lavender strands — though their choice of an April 1 reveal gave a clue as to whether the do was for real.

Jared Leto shocked his hair-obsessed fans when they thought that he had chopped off his beautiful ombrè locks for a shorter cut. The Oscar winner uploaded a picture with the caption, “Short hair don’t care.” Though he was just participating in “Throwback Thursday”, he could have at least added #tbt to spare us some anxiety. Finally, Kaley Cuoco Sweeting debuted a “bob” long before actually cutting one when she uploaded a picture of a stylist’s scissor-wielding hands inches away from what appeared to be a choppy bob, but when we saw pictures from that night, we saw that it was just a strategic updo.

Do you think these celebs looked better with their fake dos? Or are you glad they were only temporary changes? Are there any other stars that you know of that like playing tricks?

–John Soper