It doesn't say REBLE, so he's all good

By Alex Apatoff
Updated April 28, 2016 05:14 PM

True love can manifest itself in many forms. It can be in the form of a thoughtful bouquet “just because,” or a hug when you need it most, or if you’re Iggy Azalea, it can be stepping in at just the right moment to make sure your fiancé doesn’t have the word “REBLE” on his back forever.

Source: Iggy Azalea/Twitter; Inset: Michael Buckne

Azalea documented the whole near-disaster on Twitter, sharing with her fans that regardless of what might be going on in their relationship at the moment, she’s got his back (literally) when he needs it most. We’d explain, but we think she does it best herself:

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So what, you might ask, was Azalea refusing to be “petty” about? Well, it could be any number of circulating rumors, but Young’s Twitter reveals that it’s something much more specific: The fact that he jokingly called her a “Becky” after she shut down any correlation between herself and “Becky.” (A Becky refresh can be found here if you need it.) When Young made a joke, she threatened him with the world “REBLE,” and his emoji-accented Twitter apology wasn’t enough to stop her from releasing the photo.

While she did as any good fiancée would, we can’t help but point out that there’s nothing more rebellious than having a giant misspelling of the word “REBEL” in four-inch letters across your back, so really, it was a win-win for Young. But he seems pretty happy with the result, which, in the course of true love, is all that matters.

Should she have told him?

— Alex Apatoff