Iggy Azalea on Her Struggle with Body Confidence: 'Some Days I Want to Crawl in My Cave'

The rapper reveals that some days she needs to overcome her insecurities

Fact: Iggy Azalea loves a crop top. The rapper is known for showing skin on the red carpet, in her music videos and, most recently, for her sexy underwear campaign for the Australian brand, Bonds. And while all these looks require some serious confidence, Azalea revealed that she struggles with her body image.

Iggy Azaela


“Some days I just think I want to crawl in my cave and I don’t feel confident at all, and other days I feel great,” the newly-engaged star said during an interview with Australia’s Today Show. “I think it’s like that for all human beings, not just young women.”

“I think maybe feeling confident or 100 percent every day is something to aspire to, but I don’t know if it’s humanly possible for anybody,” she continued, adding that it’s important to embrace one’s insecurities. “I think it’s just having that honest moment with yourself and other people, and almost admitting and embracing that your flaws are the thing about you that you sometimes feel bad about but they can empower your own self.”

Earlier this year the star admitted that she got breast implants after thinking about having the surgery her entire life. She also got real about her body proportions.

“I have to have everything tailored, because I have such a small waist,” she told Vogue. “I’m a 2 or a 0 on the top, and a 6 on the bottom.”

And while the 25-year-old star is known for her unapologetically bold style choices, she Tweeted that she will not be walking down the aisle in a crazy wedding dress.

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–Brittany Talarico

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