October 22, 2014 01:00 PM

You know her as the rapper behind all of your favorite songs this summer, but Iggy Azalea is also primed to take the fashion world by storm. The “Fancy” star and new House of Style host signed with Wilhelmina models and landed her first national campaign (alongside her boyfriend, L.A. Lakers star Nick Young) for Forever 21. Check out the first look and see what the hot couple had to say about their shoot.

Courtesy Forever 21

Considering we find it challenging to pose for one good picture with our boyfriends, we had to ask first: How was it to model alongside your significant other? “As the hours rolled by I think Nick started to realize photoshoots are hard work too,” Azalea tells PEOPLE. “It was funny watching him have that revelation!” Young, for his part, had a blast learning from his model/rapper love: “It was real cool. We had great chemistry,” he says.

With two big personalities (and a lot of opinions about music between them), the couple demonstrated said chemistry by not even arguing about the playlist. Not that they had much choice: “It was a two day shoot — by the end of it I think we’d listened to everything under the sun twice!” Azalea says. And though the more experienced model admits to a little nervousness about stepping in front of a camera (“The trickiest thing is not having any clue what you’re doing!”), her love had no such reservations: “Nothing [was hard], I’m Swaggy! It comes natural!”

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Courtesy Forever 21

They brought their new puppy to the set (“She kept trying to eat all the shoes!” says Azalea) and left with a bunch of new hats for Nick after seeing how well he pulled them off in the ads — “It made me want to wear hats more,” he shares. For her part, Azalea would like to borrow one or two of the toppers, but “I haven’t worn them because his head is too big.”

In the end, Azalea had a few favorites from her Forever 21 on-set wardrobe as well as a few shirts Nick wore (“I always borrow his shirts”), and both stars got gift inspiration from their shoot attire, starting with the leather jackets for friends and family (“Something that’s not so size specific,” Azalea advises). And as far as gifts for themselves? It turns out that the presents they’ve loved best so far have been from their childhoods. For Young, that’s a GT Mongoose bike, and for Azalea, a Baby Born doll; “to date it’s the most elated I’ve been about a gift,” she says. Let’s see if Young can top that this year!

Courtesy Forever 21

Check out the whole holiday collection at Forever 21, then tell us: What do you think of the ads? See any early holiday favorites? What do you love to give your friends and family?

–Alex Apatoff


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