The star's hairstylist breaks down the look
Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Courtesy Justine Marjan/Instagram

We interrupt the Kim Kardashian West vs. Taylor Swift Snapchat saga for a very important message regarding the reality TV star’s unexpected topknot from the weekend. Turns out, her pop star drama isn’t the only thing Kim likes messy.

The sky-high style, which is having a moment on social media despite the other major Kim K news (you know, The Receipts), was so out of the ordinary for the star that we’ve got all of the details on the look and how to get it, straight from her hairstylist.

The slightly disheveled updo was created by celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan for John Paul Mitchell Systems to pair with her already-sold-out Trois x Revolve “Campbell” dress and thigh-high denim boots for the star’s day trip to the Hamptons for the Revolve in the Hamptons event on Saturday.

“Yes this is my no extensions vibe lol,” Kardashian wrote on Twitter in response to a fan encouraging her to permanently embrace her piled-up do.

To get Kardashian West’s heat wave-approved Hamptons do, Marjan first prepped the star’s dry strands with Paul Mitchell Dry Wash and Spray Wax to create texture.

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After brushing through with a MarulaOil Detangling Brush, Marjan split the star’s hair into two sections, with the top section moving from the ear to the crown.

The hair pro then pulled the top section into an “ultra-high ponytail,” leaving some strands hanging loose around the hairline to create the essence of the “messy” look. Marjan then gathered the bottom section and attached it to the top ponytail with a bungee.

To complete the look, Marjan twisted (and then knotted) Kardashian West’s hair into a topknot, secured with pins, pulled a few more pieces out around the nape of the neck and then sprayed with MarulaOil Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray to set the style in place.

If you’d like to see how the tousled updo is done firsthand (with a slight variation to the step-by-step above), check out the video above, featuring Living Proof celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan!

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–Sarah Kinonen