December 23, 2013 02:00 PM

Courtesy CoverGirl

Sofia Vergara knows a thing or two about beauty — you don’t get to be the face of Head & Shoulders and CoverGirl without picking up a couple tips. And along the way, those tips have turned into expertise, to the point where she thinks she could get a second career going just in case.

“I have been doing my makeup for so long I have gotten pretty good at it.” the actress tells PEOPLE when asked if there’s anything she just can’t master. “Maybe after Modern Family I can become a makeup artist!”

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That means she doesn’t leave the house without about a half-hour worth of work, though it can take a lot longer for red carpets. “When I leave the house [on an average day] I have to have lipsticks, mascara and blush,” she says. “With red carpets I get to really be adventurous with my beauty look.”

But adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. She prefers to save on beauty products (swearing by CoverGirl’s “Bombshell” mascara and TruBlend “Fix Stick” concealer) so she can spend on her true passion: shoes. “I absolutely love heels — the higher the better!” she says. “I will splurge on killer heels to play up my signature bombshell look, absolutely.”

What do you think of Vergara’s latest CoverGirl photos? What’s your makeup specialty?

–Alex Apatoff

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