Idina Menzel Discovers a Pair of Panties Hanging Out of Her 'Cool' Ripped Jeans While at the Airport!  

The star makes fun of her wardrobe malfunction on Twitter

Idina Menzel arrives at JFK airport in NYC.

We’ve all been there: Those days when you’re totally feeling your outfit, only to find an embarrassing trail of toilet paper hanging from our shoe or major stain right on our shirt. Even celebrities aren’t immune to wardrobe malfunctions — from Chrissy Teigen’s high-slit slip (which she apologized for) to Britney Spear’s on-stage mishap. Most recently, 45-year-old actress and singer Idina Menzel called out her own embarrassing moment caught on camera before anyone else got the chance to.

Menzel headed to the airport feeling “cool” as ever, wearing rolled up skinny jeans with rips at the knees. She walked past swarms of paparazzi confident in her outfit, until looking down to make a mortifying discovery: a pair of blue lacy panties hanging halfway out of the knee, a laundry snafu we can all understand.

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She took it all in stride though, making fun of the incident on social media. “So went into the airport in cool ripped jeans, and after passing paparazzi I realized a pair of panties was hanging out the whole knee,” the star posted, along with photo evidence, on Twitter.

At least they didn’t fall out in front of the paparazzi, right?

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