iDesign Signature Series by Sarah Tanno cosmetic organizers

Lady Gaga’s Makeup Artist Just Launched a Line of Cosmetic Organizers on Amazon, and We Have an Exclusive Discount

The collection includes drawer organizers, brush holders, turntables, and more
By Eden Lichterman
April 16, 2021 06:00 AM
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If you have tons of beauty products scattered around your bathroom, you probably understand the struggle of keeping them organized. It's easy to just shove your makeup and hair accessories in a drawer or cabinet, but that makes it hard to find what you're looking for when it's time to get ready. That's why Lady Gaga's makeup artist Sarah Tanno partnered with iDesign to create a collection of cosmetic organizers — and we have an exclusive discount code.

From now until April 21, you can score 15 percent off the entire collection by using the code 15IDESIGN at checkout on Amazon. The drop includes plastic drawer organizers, brush holders, turntables, palette organizers, and lipstick holders in both clear and black.  

Shop Cosmetic Organizers on Sale at Amazon  

Whether you're looking for organizers to place on your bathroom counter or storage solutions for inside your drawers, you'll find what you need in this collection. The drawer organizers come in sizes extra small through extra large, so you can mix and match the sizes to fit your space. You can either stack the trays on top of each other or spread them out throughout your drawer, depending on how much room you have. 

For your countertops, you'll find everything from a makeup brush holder to stackable drawers to a turntable with designated compartments for different products and tools. The drawers are available as both a tall set and a wide set, while the cosmetic organizers come in small and large sizes. You'll even find a lipstick holder and a palette organizer in the collection. 

On the landing page for the collaboration, Sarah Tanno made sure to mention that all the products in the collection are made with recycled materials. The plastic is BPA-free and has a clear finish with matte accents on the edges. 

Shop the full Sarah Tanno iDesign cosmetic organizer collection on Amazon below. And don't forget to use code 15IDESIGN at checkout for 15 percent off through April 21. 

3-Piece Cosmetic Organizer Set

Buy It! 3-Piece Cosmetic Organizer Set, $16.69 with code (orig. $19.63);

Makeup Brush Holder

Buy It! Makeup Brush Holder, $10.47 with code (orig. $12.99);

Large Cosmetic Organizer

Buy It!  Large Cosmetic Organizer, $12.48 with code (orig. $14.68);

Small Cosmetic Organizer

Buy It! Small Cosmetic Organizer, $11.89 with code (orig. $13.99);

Extra Large Drawer Organizer

Buy It! Extra Large Drawer Organizer, $14.03 with code (orig. $16.51);

Extra Small Drawer Organizer

Buy It! Extra Small Drawer Organizer, $5.94 with code (orig. $6.99);

Large Drawer Organizer

Buy It! Large Drawer Organizer, $11.06 with code (orig. $13.01);

Medium Drawer Organizer

Buy It! Medium Drawer Organizer, $11.61 with code (orig. $13.66);

Small Drawer Organizer

Buy It! Small Drawer Organizer, $8.49 with code (orig. $9.99);

Tall Drawer Organizer

Buy It! Tall Drawer Organizer, $26.10 with code (orig. $30.70);

Wide Drawer Organizer

Buy It! Wide Drawer Organizer, $27.90 with code (orig. $32.82);

Lipstick Organizer

Buy It! Lipstick Organizer, $9.38 with code (orig. $11.03);

Palette Organizer

Buy It! Palette Organizer, $14.60 with code (orig. $17.18);


Buy It! Turntable, $23.94 with code (orig. $28.17);