"I say 'my husband' all the time, and everyone's like, 'We get it, you're married,' " she says with a laugh

By Adam Carlson
December 09, 2019 10:51 AM

First comes love … then comes marriage … and then a house — sometimes all at once.

It’s been an especially whirlwind, especially romantic few months for body-positive model Hunter McGrady, who wed husband Brian Keys this summer.

“We honeymooned in Turks and Caicos and then we literally closed on a house on our honeymoon,” she told PEOPLE on Sunday ahead of the Miss Universe competition, where she joined in on the CHI Lounge empowerment round table.

“We got back and moved into our first home together, so it’s been like within six months we got married, honeymooned, bought a house,” says McGrady, 26, who has posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and others.

Not that she’s complaining!

“I say ‘my husband’ all the time, and everyone’s like, ‘We get it, you’re married,’ ” she says with a laugh.

McGrady says she and Keys, who got engaged in late 2017 after dating for more than a year and a half (and first meeting on Snapchat), haven’t been wrung out by all the life changes.

“It’s brought us closer,” she says.

Surrounded by guests such as Hailee Steinfeld and Aly Raisman, McGrady and Keys married in June in Moorpark, California.

From left: Brian Keys and Hunter McGrady
| Credit: Jenny Quicksall Photography

“[On our first date], I saw him and was like, ‘That’s my husband.’ I just felt like I knew him forever. We’re both very easygoing and spontaneous,” McGrady told PEOPLE then. “We just get each other. We have the same humor and the same likes. It just goes to show that when it works, it works!”

On Sunday, speaking about Miss Universe, she said she was struck by the range of contestants.

“I think what’s so great about this year’s Miss Universe is we’re really focusing not just on how beautiful these girls obviously are but how incredible what [it is] they bring to the table,” she said.

“We have lawyers, we have a girl who wants to go to space — we have everybody,” she continued, “and it’s showing that this is Miss Universe, she’s not just a beautiful face, she is an empowered, incredible woman.”