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If you’re a fan of Bravo’s Southern Charm you already know that Shep Rose is somewhat of a lady’s man. (He even double-booked a date for the same night in a recent episode!) So when PeopleStyle caught up with Rose, we were dying to learn all his dating do’s and don’t’s. What are his dating deal breakers? Does he like a woman in heels or flats? How much makeup is too much makeup? He answered all these — and more — below!

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First, we grilled Rose on all-things style in a little game of “Would You Rather?” so you know the exact outfit and beauty look he’s after.

Would you rather have a girl wear her hair up or down?
“I’d rather a girl wear a hat. If a girl wears a hat it’s super-sexy. And I’m not talking about a baseball hat. I’m talking like a cool hat with a feather.”

Bodycon dress or jeans and a T-shirt?
“I’m a very big T-shirt and jeans guy. That turns me on. I really, really dislike girls that wear f— me dresses. It’s so embarrassing and they would never taste mom’s meatloaf.”

Heels or flats?
“I don’t look at girls’ shoes. Flats are fine. One time I dated a girl who was too tall. So flats, casual every time, all the time.”

Dark smoky eye or all-natural beauty look?
“What the hell is a dark smoky eye? It sounds like a cigarette company.”

But he did have a fitting story about a mascara-fail for all you Southern Charm fans. “One time when I was hanging out with Kathryn [Dennis] in season one she wore so much mascara I had to wash my sheets the next day. And I hate laundry.”

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When it comes to his own style, Rose knows he’s a work in progress. “If you watch the show you’ll see that I literally wear a wrinkled T-shirt and jeans. If I showed up for dinner with my mom and dad wearing ripped jeans or something fashion-forward I wouldn’t be served dinner. It has to be neat, sharp and almost [like what] a 60-year-old grandfather [would wear]. But I’m trying to break loose of that. I swear I am.”

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You may often notice Rose with different ladies throughout the show, but it turns out he actually has a pretty high standard for landing a date. “If you don’t know anything about current events or if you haven’t been to Europe that’s a big deal breaker,” he tells PeopleStyle.

It’s also best to avoid any stories about your cat. “One time this girl would only talk about her cats and had nothing to say,” he shares. “Another time I told a girl I was trying to be candid with her and she replies, ‘What’s candid?’ And I explained,’You know, frank?’ And she asks, ‘Frank who?’ Check please!”

But there is one thing he keeps in mind on every date. “You marry this person’s family at the end of the day and I just know there’s no way I’m going to bring home a girl who has issues out the wazoo,” he explains. “That’s not cool. I have to bring home a girl who can go on a long walk with my sister and my mom and talk while I’m playing golf. And there’s no way I would bring a girl into my family that wasn’t 100 percent sharp and well-heeled.”

Southern Charm airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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— Colleen Kratofil

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