The actress gave us killer gym to street outfit advice
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Who Tried It: Briana Draguca, PEOPLE Style & Beauty Intern

Why We Tried It: Anyone who follows Nina Dobrev on social media knows two things: she loves to work out and she can rock leggings with just about anything. So those followers certainly weren’t surprised to see her design a workout, “Train like Nina,” with Reebok – all while wearing the new Reebok x Les Mills clothing collection, for which she’s an ambassador, both in and out of the gym. Nina and I may have the working out thing in common, but unlike the star, you’d never catch me in leggings once my spin class ends. She decided to take on the challenge of making me love leggings outside of the gym.

Level of Difficulty: 1/10. Nothing is easier and more enjoyable than being Nina Dobrev’s personal model for the day.

How It Works: I went into the styling session knowing one thing and one thing only: I’d be wearing the same pair of Reebok leggings, picked out by Nina, in three different ways: for a workout class, for brunch and then for a night out. Nina used her extensive expertise in making leggings look cute to create seamless outfits that were both stylish and functional.

1. Athleisure Look

For the first look Nina wanted to put me in something that was comfortable enough for working out and was street-style appropriate. To the leggings, she added a sports bra and a striped crop-top that was fitted and could be easily worn underneath layers. Normally, I wouldn’t think to wear a crop-top to the gym but since the leggings were super high-waisted and provided a lot of coverage, I gave it a try. I thought the stripes were really fun and that the leggings were flattering (they’re now my favorite pair of leggings that I own!). For sneakers, Nina knows nothing beats a classic all-white shoe and suggested I sport the same pair she was wearing, which I loved.

To cover up on the way to the gym, Nina layered a sheer black long-sleeved top over the crop-top. It felt loose and light enough that I could even work out in it if I wanted to. To bring it all together, Nina chose a Zoltan leather baseball cap perfect for hiding sweaty post-workout hair, a roomy backpack, reflective Krewe sunnies and of course, a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.03.47 AM
Nina Dobrev WTI:

2. Brunch Look

I was really excited to see how Nina would take this workout-ready outfit to brunch-level adorable in a matter of seconds. All she had to do was switch up my top and add some accessories and I was good to go.

She swapped my black sheer top for a cozy over-sized Vince sweater, added a W. Britt statement necklace and stackable rings, and an olive green Theory cross body bag for a pop of color. What she didn’t change? The leggings, of course, the sneakers, and my baseball cap since it was perfect for keeping my hair under control.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.05.12 AM

3. Going Out Look

Leggings for a night out on the town? I was really resistant to this one, but her enthusiasm convinced me I could do it. Nina explained that it can be just as easy as adding a killer jacket. She suggested I ditch the striped crop-top and rock just the sports bra to reveal a little bit of skin. She layered on a Smythe velvet moto jacket (which she loved so much, she nabbed her own!) and switched up my sneakers for some Modcloth booties to amp up the vibe. For accessories, Nina picked out an Old Navy burgundy wide brim hat and a Vince Camuto cross body bag in a matching hue and I was ready to meet up with my girls for dinner.

If partying with my friends was also in the cards for the night, Nina suggested I swap out my hat for W. Britt statement earrings instead for something a little more dance-floor ready.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 11.09.11 AM

The Verdict: Add another point to my plan to reduce my dependency on jeans in 2018! Nina totally convinced me that wearing leggings doesn’t need to be strictly reserved for working out. She gave me some awesome tips for effortlessly transforming my workout look for the rest of my day. Always remember these Nina-approved tricks when you’re styling your outfits around leggings:

  1. High-waisted leggings are an awesome option for a flattering your curves without revealing too much.
  2. Layering is key––a cool jacket or sheer pullover is perfect for switching up your outfits with minimal effort.
  3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Nina loved playing around with hats, sunglasses, and jewelry to complete a look.