Faux Bangs Are Having a Moment: Here's How to Rock Them Like a Celeb

Try out the trend using these pro tips and tricks

2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2
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All it takes is a few clicks through our Celebrity Bangs Faux Real gallery to know that stars are having a major case of the “overnight bangs.” Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Lea Michele and Lucy Hale are all among the A-listers who have experimented with clip-in fringe for a dramatically different — and easily undone — look.

Intrigued? Want to try it yourself? We figured it wasn’t as easy as it looked (no one wants to be mistaken for a My Little Pony) so we hit up the pros behind the hottest hair trend in Hollywood for tips on how to use and maintain clip-ins for your own Snap-worthy look.

Bangs are a fun way update your look because they pair well with virtually any style, says celebrity stylist Ryan Richman: “It’s all about what makes yours feel most comfortable.”

“A good rule of thumb is to create an oval face shape. For example, if you have a wider face shape, you can use longer, textured bangs with long pieces on the sides that will fall across your cheekbones, framing the face and making it appear more narrow,” says Richman. “For a narrow face you can use blunt bangs that fall above the eyebrows to make your face shaper appear a bit wider.”

Once you decide which type and length of fringe to try, visit your local wig and extension supply store to pick your poison.

“Most businesses that supply hair extensions and wigs will also have bang pieces,” says Richman, who gave Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams bangs for the Emmy Awards in September. “Every shop has their own unique style and colors, so I recommend a first-timer try a few local stores to compare styles and become educated before making a purchase; most stores do not accept refunds or exchanges on hair.”

After finding fringe you’re happy with, Richman recommends roughing them up with volume spray and a curling iron to make them look more real. “Most bangs come very flat, so when you clip them on they appear fake,” he says. “Add a bit of volume at the base of your faux bangs by using a large curling iron, starting at the base and curling them forward.”

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Scunci celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko, who used a three-piece clip-in to create Lea Michele’s blunt bang look for the iHeart Radio Festival, says applying clip-in bangs requires a little DIY work.

“Look at where your bangs would actually lay on your head, so they aren’t too close to the forehead or too far back,” she recommends. “This means you may have to cut into them quite a bit, which is normal. The easiest way to apply is by twisting the clip-in up on either side of the middle part and securing it with pins on the side.”

She adds: “Think awkward middle school photo. That’s what happening under your fake bangs. From there, clip in and style away.”

And use your own hair to make them look as natural as possible, says KMS global hairstylist Simon Miller. “It’s a good idea to have some of your natural hair fall over them so they cover where they clip-in is and transition them into your haircut,” says the pro. “By combing a little back where they clip in will ensure there is a solid connection to your real hair.”

If you’re not comfortable with cutting and shaping your own clip-ins, Miller recommends visiting your stylist for a custom fit. “This way they match your color perfectly and are made specifically for your hair,” he says.

And what happens if you get hooked on the look and decide to make the cut official? Then you definitely want to go to your stylist, Miller says.

“Ask a professional what shape of fringe would look best on you,” he says. “Depending on your face shape and hairline, you may have to have something slightly different from what you actually want. Be open to what fits your face shape and your lifestyle.”

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Regular upkeep is key to keeping the style fresh, says Miller. “Go in for fringe trims in between haircuts instead of going when you want and letting them grow out,” says the pro. “Maintain your fringe by always having them be the perfect length.” (Or alternately, just keep your clip-ins in good shape and pop them in whenever you’ve got the urge to grab the scissors.)

Would you ever try clip-in bangs? What about real bangs? Share below!

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