The star demonstrates how to stay warm in her own unique way

By Alex Apatoff
Updated February 18, 2014 02:00 PM

AKM-GSI; Evan Agostini/Invision/AP; Jackson Lee/Sp

Don’t know if you got the memo, but it’s a little cold on the east coast (and southeast, and midwest, and … ) these days. We imagine any visitors from the west coast might be a little unsure how to prepare for the kind of subzero temps (and perpetual snow) we’ve been experiencing out here in N.Y.C. Luckily, Kim Kardashian prepares for any contingency. She was in the Big Apple this week on business, and put her own unique spin (of course) on cold weather dressing.

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1). Rely on leather in freezing weather: The star knows that one of the warmest materials you can wear is leather — so she opted to wear the material head-to-toe for a trek to the N.Y.C. outpost of her Dash boutique. She generated plenty of warmth trying to take strides in the clingy skirt and low-cut tank, which she topped with a wide-lapel Max Mara coat for added panache.

2). The Muppets are never cold. Borrow their coats. If your chest area is going to be especially drafty (as Kim’s was at a Generation NXT benefit in N.Y.C.), plan on a little extra warmth via a super fuzzy jacket with structured shoulders. And there are extra benefits to passing for one of Kermit and the gang: Kardashian scored a spot on Jimmy Fallon’s new Tonight Show a week after the Muppets closed his last Late Show.

3). Scarves are your friend. There’s no telling how many extra degrees Kardashian added to her body temp by tying a scarf around her neck for a night out with love Kanye West. Sure, her décolletage is exposed and so are her calves, but we can tell she’s cozy and warm. She also cleverly chose her most snowboot-looking 5-in. heels, which carried her effortlessly across the snowbanks.

There you have it! Cold weather dressing à la Kim. Do you feel prepared for the next big snowstorm now?

–Alex Apatoff