You'll never have to worry about greasy-looking hair with these easy styles

By Jillian Ruffo
May 31, 2018 11:53 AM

The only thing better than a fresh blowout? Making it last throughout a full work week. It’s tough, we know — but with the right tools and just enough dry shampoo, it’s possible to have good hair for five days in a row (or if you’re lucky, even longer). So we turned to the KarJenners‘ go-to hairstylist and GHD ambassador, Justine Marjan, to find out her celebrity-approved secrets for getting the absolute most of your blowout. Above, watch as Marjan takes a smooth blowout on day 1 to beachy waves, a half-up style, a high ponytail and a sleek topknot by day 5.

Look 1: Smooth Blowout
Starting with damp hair, Marjan applies a lightweight heat-protectant product (like the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protecting Spray) all over. But the trick to making the hairstyle last, she says, is going easy on the creams and oils. “If you stick with a lightweight product, you’ll avoid buildup, which can create unwanted grease,” she explains. Next, Marjan blows small sections of hair using a round ceramic brush (a ceramic barrel on the brush makes hair shiny and easier to smooth) in an out-and-around motion, making sure there’s a narrow nozzle on her GHD Air Professional Performance hairdryer to direct the heat. To finish the look, Marjan mists texturizing spray (a little bit of Bumble and Bumble’s goes a long way) all over to add a wind-swept feel.

Look 2: Voluminous Waves
Chances are, your blowout has fallen flat by day two. So amp it up with a curling iron to create big, beachy waves. Using a 1.25” GHD Soft Curl curling iron, Marjan wraps small sections of hair around the barrel, alternating the directions for each section, which will allow the curls remain piecey and avoid blending together. The pro adds that in order to create the perfect wave, it’s important to hold the iron vertically when you’re wrapping the hair. And it’s okay skip product! Yesterday’s texturizing spray will do the trick.

Look 3: Half-Up
At this point, it’s probably time for dry shampoo. Go for one that smells amazing (Marjan loves the one from Elizabeth and James) and spray it at the roots, letting it set for a minute before massaging it in. Then, pull the top half of your hair into a ponytail, and back-brush the bottom half add life back in to yesterday’s waves.

Look 4: Textured Pony
The trick to the perfect ponytail? Here’s a hint: it takes a little bit more than just one step. Instead of pulling your hair up in one fell swoop, separate it into two sections. First, brush the top half of your hair back and into a tight ponytail — similar to yesterday’s half-up style. Secure it with hairspray (Marjan swears by Tresemme’s Micromist Level 1) and then bring the bottom half up to meet it, spraying that as well. “If you work with two separate pieces, the hair is easier to control, leaving you with a tighter pony.” Polish off the look by wrapping a piece of hair around the two elastics, re-curl any pieces of the pony that have fallen flat, and add more volume with a quick back-brush.

Look 5: Undone Topknot
You’re almost at the finish line — so take advantage of your hair’s natural oils and create a slicked topknot. Using a toothbrush and a mist of hairspray, smooth any flyaways at your hairline. Then, wrap your ponytail into an actual knot (if your hair isn’t long enough, just twist it into a high bun) and secure it with bobby pins. Voila!