Ryan Pearl, the guru behind Hailey Baldwin and Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler's hair, explains

By Emily Strohm
Updated October 19, 2016 09:00 AM
Ryan Pearl/Instagram
| Credit: Ryan Pearl/Instagram

With summer’s sun fading, blondes everywhere are considering a color transition for fall. And celebrity colorist Ryan Pearl is used to hearing from golden-haired girls who want to go darker with the switching seasons, which is why he’s got plenty of advice for doing it right.

Don’t Stick to Just One Shade

“All-over color is a big ‘no no.’ I always add a few floating highlights to clients that are brunette to give the brown a more lived-in feel. Your base color can be mostly brown or blonde, but adding a few highlights around the face and through the ends will soften up your look and accentuate the haircut. With floating highlights you don’t really see where they begin — it’s a smooth transition from the base.”

Be Honest About Your Hair Skills

“Hair color should complement your everyday lifestyle and personal style. If you’re more of a low maintenance type, choose a hair color that will keep your salon visits to every few months instead of every few weeks. Generally brighter colors such as coppers and reds tend to oxidize quicker, which means more up keep and more time inthe salon.”

Great News: Your Wallet Is Going to Be Thrilled

“My clients who want to go from blonde to brunette always ask me if the change means less maintenance and price. The answer is yes! Much less upkeep and it’s money saving because single-process color is cheaper than getting highlights. I always suggest coming in for a glaze about six weeks after the transformation just to enrich and shine up the color.”

Know Thyself (Skin Tone-Wise)

“Choose a hair color that works well with your skin tone and makeup regimen. If you have a lot of red or pink in your skin, a cooler-tone brunette looks great because it neutralizes skin color.”

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Go Gradual

“When making a big change in color don’t be afraid to do it in steps. Obviously it will be a shock to see an instant transformation, so using a darker glaze at first can give you a test run of what it will feel like being a brunette, and this will start to fade out in 10 weeks or so depending on how much you shampoo.”

What hair color will you be trying for fall? Sound off below.