July 13, 2016 04:00 PM

Kate Upton’s lashes are beyond gorgeous — they’re long, they’re full and they’re fabulous. That’s all thanks to Tracy Murphy, celebrity makeup artist and founder of the new lash-focused beauty line Lash Star Beauty, who works her magic on the model for many red carpet events. So when Murphy stopped by PeopleStyle’s New York offices recently, we had to find out how to get Upton’s insanely long lashes for our “How It’s Done” video series (watch above!).

The key, says Murphy, is to layer a few different mascaras.

Her tool kit for this look:
– Lash curler
– Lengthening mascara
– Volumizing mascara
– Makeup remover and Q-Tip

John Shearer/Getty

First, she starts by curling lashes with a lash curler. Then she takes a lengthening mascara and wiggles the wand from the roots of the lashes through to the tips. She repeats this process on the lower lashes. Then, she applies a coat of volumizing mascara using the same wiggle technique. In between each coat, she uses a clean mascara wand to style the lashes into what she calls “a sunburst shape.” Then, she wipes away all of the excess and any smudges with makeup remover and a Q-Tip.

To finish the look, she then curls the lashes again (in the video, she uses a heated ceramic curler from her own line). Her last step: Brush your lashes to set them.

Feel like Kate Upton yet?

Watch the full video above, and let us know in the comments: Would you try this look?

— Sharon Clott Kanter

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