August 28, 2006 09:55 PM

Talk about easy wardrobe choices. When Erika Christensen, who stars this fall on the new ABC drama Six Degrees, needs a cool t-shirt, she just picks from her brothers’ new line 8 Track Clothing as she did for her PEOPLE magazine photoshoot (left). According to Erika, it’s not pure nepotism that drives her choice: “They are so soft and comfy!” Twenty-year-old twins Dane and Brando Christensen have been designing their own clothing for about two years but just launched 8 Track this month. The shirts are available online for $25, and the signature boombox graphic is a nod to childhood days spent in the garage listening to their dad’s. For now, the t-shirts are limited edition with only 200 being produced in each color. But Erika has no worries that the line will keep expanding. “My brothers are phenomenally talented. They’re good at everything they do. And they’re adorable.”

Photo: Jill Greenberg

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