October 21, 2016 11:13 AM

If you put mousse on your hands and then put it in your hair, think again.

Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate — who works on the strands of Jaimie Alexander, Lena Dunham, Karlie Kloss and more — says there’s a better, less messy and more effective way to do it: Apply the product directly on your brushes instead.

“Mousse, I like to put right a round brush,” Fugate tells PeopleStyle for our “Life-Changing Tips” series. (His preferred choice is the Kérastase Mousse Curl Idéal.)

“You have to make sure you’re heat activating right away and not many women know that,” he continues. “So if they put a lot of mousse in their hair and just let it start drying, it’s actually going to start getting sticky. So, you want to be able to activate this right away, which is what you’re going to do with your round brush.”

He uses this trick all the time on his clients. “When I work on short-haired clients, like Jaimie Alexander or Lena Dunham, girls like that, it’s nice to put the product on the brush, especially like a mousse, because I can just get [it] where I want it,” he says. “Because you don’t necessarily want it everywhere, you just want it in a specific area.”

Watch the video above to see the tip in action.

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