How Sofia Vergara Will Make You Look Sexier This Season

"Nobody is Miss Universe perfect or a supermodel, but everybody has something," the actress says

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Sofia Vergara is the first to admit she’s not a practical dresser. “If shoes hurt I don’t care, I suffer,” she said.

But in designing her Kmart clothing collection, now in its second year, the actress knew practicality was key. “I wanted to create a brand that was affordable and comfortable and versatile,” she told reporters in New York recently while promoting the line. “The shoes, the bags, have in mind that moms [are on a] budget.” The goods are so wallet-friendly, in fact, that if you “get a couple of cute tops, your husband isn’t even going to notice,” she joked.

But staying on-trend was important to the Modern Family star, too. “I love designers like Dolce & Gabbana — they do a lot of stretchy materials,” she explained. “So when we make dresses, I’m always thinking of their collection that a woman can wear with tights at nighttime, [to work] with more casual shoes, or just to go to lunch. I’m always thinking of a woman wanting to be a little sexier. Not crazy, but sexy.”

And for Vergara, it’s important that her customers feel sexy at any size. “Nobody is Miss Universe perfect or a supermodel, but everybody has something — either a great pair of legs, or a small waist or nice cleavage,” she said. “So play with that. Try to take advantage of what you have.”

The actress’s line has expanded a lot in the past 18 months — it currently includes clothes, lingerie, fine jewelry, luggage and home goods, among other categories — but she insists she has every item cataloged in her mind.

“One of the best things for me is to go in the street and randomly find somebody that is wearing one of my tops,” she said. “I cannot remember numbers, names or anything, but I can remember every single top, every single pant, and whenever I see them I say, ‘That’s from Kmart!'” Guess we just haven’t crossed paths quite yet. Tell us: Have you shopped Vergara’s line? What do you think of it?

–Kate Hogan


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