Cool Water ultimately influenced the Yankees star's own scents

By Kate Hogan
May 03, 2012 10:00 PM


Listening to Snoop Dogg’s “Lodi Dodi” proved particularly influential for Derek Jeter: it turned him on to his first fragrance. “When I was younger I used to wear Cool Water,” he shyly admitted to a group of reporters in New York Wednesday, referencing the rap’s lyrics.

That cologne proved to be influential, too; it ultimately inspired the Yankees star to create his own fragrance, Derek Jeter Driven, and the newer Driven Black. “When I did this one years ago, the whole thing was a learning process,” he explained of Driven. “I was literally smelling all the different smells.”

The smells in his newer cologne include Sicilian blood orange, Italian bergamot, saffron, white cedar and Australian sandalwood. “It’s different [than Cool Water],” he joked, “but there are some similarities.”

Jeter, who said he’s a ‘spray and walk through the scent’ kind of guy, has a very easy morning routine. “I take a shower. I’m pretty simple. I don’t really take care of myself like I should.”

He does, however, take care of his clothes. “I’m an ironer,” he admitted. “I iron everything. My dad used to iron everything when I was younger, and I’m the same way. It’s really embarrassing.”

Also embarrassing? Some of his teammates pre-game routines. “Some guys [put cologne on] before the game,” he revealed. “You would be surprised. I won’t name names, but …”

So with the success of his current scents, is he considering a third? “Another one?” he asked, possibly overwhelmed by the task. “I’m focused on this one.”

That means no perfume — at least for now — either. “I would be a little hesitant to do that,” he said when asked about creating a women’s fragrance. “If women didn’t like it …” If it’s attached to Jeter, how could they not? Find Derek Jeter Driven and Driven Black on for $28 each soon.

–Kate Hogan