By Kate Hogan
Updated December 01, 2011 08:00 PM

Slaven Vlasic/Getty

Thursday is World AIDS Day, set aside as a time to show support for those living with HIV and AIDS and remembering those who’ve died from the disease. To celebrate the hope we have for a cure, Armani Exchange teamed up with dance4life and its ambassador, model Doutzen Kroes, to create a T-shirt that benefits dance4life’s charitable initiatives.

“It’s just about raising awareness,” Kroes told PEOPLE Thursday during an event for the shirts in New York. “Three of five people in the world don’t know how to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS — that’s a lot of people. So we’re trying to educate young people.”

dance4life is a touring group that recently hit the states, and breaks down the stigma and taboos of sexuality and HIV/AIDS through music, drums and dance. “If you’re sitting in a classroom it can be boring, and talking about sex is not always easy,” Kroes said. “Teaching kids through dance makes it easier for them to talk to each other — it’s a positive way to introduce a difficult subject.”

The limited-edition unisex dance4life T-shirt, $35 at Armani Exchange stores and online at, features a photo of Kroes with the words “Dance Dance Dance” printed across the front. One hundred percent of profits will support the organization’s initiatives.

“It’s so weird to see myself on a shirt, and wear it myself,” Kroes said modestly. “But It’s so great because I’m also very proud when I see my organization on an Armani T-shirt.”