"I look up to Jessica Simpson ... I want to be like her one day," the starlet tells PEOPLE

By jencress
November 15, 2012 02:00 PM

Courtesy Perfumania. Inset: D Dipasupil/Getty

The word “couture” is often associated with the most high-end, exclusive fashions … but not according to Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi.

“When you think of ‘couture’ you think of expensive,” Snooki explained to PEOPLE at her beauty line launch in New York City on Tuesday. “But my ‘couture’ means mature and sexy.”

That’s why the star decided on ‘Snooki Couture’ for the name of her sweet, musky new scent. “Because of what’s going on in my life — I’m a mom — I definitely feel older than last year. So I wanted it to smell sexy, mature but still fun,” she explained.

In addition to launching a second perfume, Snooki also released a nail collection that includes a scented top coat, animal-print nail decals, three sparkly holiday polishes and six bold, bright shades with Jersey Shore-ified names like “Party’s Here” (a glittery silver, above), “Smush That” (a magenta) and “Orange You Tan” (a tangerine).

The reality starlet said she wanted to create a line of lacquers because “nails are like an accessory — like jewelry. You need to have your nails done because it makes your outfit look better.” In fact, on Jersey Shore, getting their fake nails touched-up was the girls’ version of GTL. But Snooki no longer wears acrylics due to an unexpected pregnancy perk. “I took the prenatal pills so it made them grow out — so this is what I got,” she said, flashing her long, natural talons.

While her show may be in its last season, the new redhead (“I just needed a change,” she said of the look) isn’t going anywhere.

“Hopefully a clothing line is next — crossing my fingers — my jewelry just launched, too. And I’d love to do boots,” she shared. “I look up to Jessica Simpson … I want to be like her one day.”

Snooki’s beauty buys are available now at Perfumania. Tell us: Will you try Snooki’s perfume or nail polish?

–Jennifer Cress