The model was worried her third pregnancy would be a deal-breaker for the campaign


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When Macy’s came knocking on Camila McConaughey’s door, the model let the fashionable team right in.

“They wanted to have a meeting, and I came to New York and met with them in their Macy’s headquarters,” she told PEOPLE. “But the best way to know me is to come to my house, so they came to Austin and we had a meeting in my living room, and we got to cook some food, have a glass of wine, get to know each other.

The Macy’s team was certainly charmed; the model signed on as the face of the I.N.C International Concepts campaign in April, and discovered shortly thereafter that she and husband Matthew McConaughey had their third child on the way.

“A week before we were supposed to have a photo shoot, I found out I was pregnant!” the Brazilian beauty told PEOPLE Thursday night at a party celebrating her campaign at New York City’s No. 8.

Camila Alves

Courtesy Macy’s

“I was over the moon, but my first reaction was that it was going to be a deal-breaker for the campaign — that they wouldn’t want a pregnant mom — but we worked it out.”

According to the model (in a campaign shot, left), “We’ve done some shots without the pregnancy and we’ve done some shots with, that won’t be retouched. We worked the angles and outfits that don’t show the belly.” After a break, she’ll “come back shooting again,” she shared. “I’ll be doing closeups.”

So will there be more from the rising star once baby arrives? “I’ll have to wait and see how this baby comes along and how I recover from that,” she shared, hinting, “I have a lot of projects.”

–Lilly Workneh