August 18, 2011 04:00 PM

Bruja, Sharma/Pacific Coast News

When Katy Perry asked Rita Hazan to take her raven locks lavender, the veteran stylist knew it was a lofty goal.

“Changing from black to a lighter shade is not an easy process,” the colorist-to-the-stars confides to PEOPLE. “You have to strip the black from the hair and go in phases of color in order to keep hair healthy.”

Undeterred by the process, which took “about a month to lighten her hair and reach the shade we wanted,” Perry remained committed to her target hue of lavender. “Katy loves her color,” says Hazan. “Even after all the changes to reach her final shade.” However, that’s not to say she’s keeping it forever. “I think she’ll continue to change it up and surprise her fans,” Hazan hints.

If you — like Kate, Sienna and now, Dianna — want to embrace a neon hue, Hazan has a few words of wisdom: “You should expect the change in color to take about three to five months,” she says. “Katy is constantly in the public eye so she wanted to reach her goal quickly, but we were extra careful to be sure her hair was kept healthy.”

We think Perry looks rocking no matter what she does with her hair, but want to hear from you. Tell us: What’s your dream hair color?

Justine Harman


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