Here's How Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Helping Ukraine amid the Russian Invasion

From sizable donations to nonprofit refugee organizations to a halt on commerce in Russia, the retail industry is joining forces to support those impacted by the war in Ukraine

Girls stand in front of the closed doors of the H&M fashion
Two women stand in front of the closed doors of an H&M storefront in Moscow. H&M closed its boutiques in Russia in light of the country's military conflict with neighboring Ukraine. Photo: Vlad Karkov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalates, big name brands in the fashion and beauty industries are rallying for peace and using their platforms to pull together charitable donations and helpful resources. Many are also halting trade and commerce in Russia.

Russian president Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine and began an invasion of the country on February 24, after months of rising tensions. Concurrently, fashion month has been traveling through Europe, with top labels showing collections months in the making. And while the glamour of the runway has been flagged by some on social media as being tone deaf, many big fashion houses are taking action with monetary support and on-the-ground aid for refugees.

Balenciaga Creative Director Demna Gvasalia, a refugee of the Georgian Civil War, called the fashion house's Paris Fashion Week show a "dedication to fearlessness, to resistance, and to the victory of love and peace."

"This is why working on this show this week was so incredibly hard for me. Because in a time like this, fashion loses its relevance and its actual right to exist," Gvasalia wrote in his show notes, left on all the seats at Sunday's Balenciaga presentation. "Fashion week feels like some kind of an absurdity. I thought for a moment about cancelling the show that I and my team worked hard on and we're all looking forward to. But then I realized that cancelling this show would mean giving in, surrendering to the evil that has already hurt me so much for almost 30 years. I decided that I can no longer sacrifice parts of me to that senseless, heartless war of ego."

Supermodel Gigi Hadid, who has been one of the most in-demand runway models in Europe this past month, also announced that she's be donating her fall 2022 fashion show earnings to aid in Ukraine.

Below, see how the industry is showing support and visit here for places to donate.


The iconic French fashion house closed its stores in Russia and halted all e-commerce in the country. The brand also donated €2 million (about $2.18 million USD) to two relief organizations, CARE and UNHCR-UN Refugee Agency, which is "recognized for refugee support at the borers and for the specific care of families and children."

In an Instagram post, the fashion house also announced that "Foundation Chanel will be working closely with its local partners to provide future critical support over the medium and long term to women and children impacted by this evolving situation."

L'Oréal Paris

The cosmetic giant has teamed up with a number of local and international nonprofits (including UNHCR, Red Cross and UNICEF) to support the growing number of refugees, and people on the ground in Ukraine with a donation of €1 million ($1.09 million USD) through its L'Oréal Fund for Women.

"We have already made a donation of one million euros and have started to deliver hygiene products to NGOs in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and in Ukraine itself," a statement reads on the company's corporate website. "We will donate 300,000 products over the coming weeks."

The brand continues: "We strongly condemn the invasion and war in Ukraine, which is causing so much suffering to the Ukrainian people. Our thoughts go out to our 326 Ukrainian employees, their families and the people of Ukraine whose lives have been changed so dramatically in the last eight days. Although some have managed to cross the border, the majority of our employees remain in the country in increasingly harsh circumstances. We are concerned about them and fear for their safety."


The French luxury goods global corporation — which controls designer brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Fendi, Loewe, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and more — donated €5 million ($5.4 million USD) to support the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) "to help the direct and indirect victims of this conflict."

In addition, the company stands in solidarity with Ukraine and closed 124 of its brands stores in Russia. LVMH will still continue to pay its 3,500 employees in Russia.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton made an immediate donation of €1 million ($1.09 million USD) to UNICEF to provide aid for Ukranian children and families.

"As millions of children and their families are facing immediate danger, the Maison, through the Louis Vuitton for UNICEF partnership, pledges to support UNICEF's emergency response on the ground, responding swiftly to any emergencies by providing children and families in Ukraine with humanitarian aid including access to clean water, healthcare and education supplies, child protection services and psychosocial care," the brand shared in a statement.

Giorgio Armani

After showing its latest collection in Milan in silence out of respect for the war in Ukraine, the Armani Group announced a donation of €500,000 (about $543,000 USD) to UNHCR "for the assistance and protection of those who have been forced to flee the war in Ukraine."

The brand is also donating clothing essentials to refugees through the Italian nonprofit organization Comunità di Sant'Egidio, which already has a presence on the borders of Ukraine.


The brand announced that it would "temporarily close our stores in Russia and pause all our commercial activities," where they have three stores and 60 employees.


On top of shutting down its three stores in Russia, the brand also donated an undisclosed amount to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. It also said it would match any employee donations to charities supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.


The brand donated an undisclosed amount to World Food Programme (WFP), which launched an emergency operation to provide food assistance for people fleeing Ukraine and in neighboring countries.


The luxury Italian brand enacted its global charity campaign Chime for Change and donated $500,000 to the UNHCR.


The brand donated €500,000 (about $543,000 USD) to the UNHCR to provide immediate help to the Ukrainian refugees.


The luxury goods holding company, which includes Cartier and YOOX Net-a-Porter, has closed stores in Russia and paused all commercial business in the country.


After suspending its long-term partnership with the Russian Football Union (RFU), the German sportswear company also announced it would be is donating €100,000 (about $108,700 USD) as well as footwear and apparel to organizations helping children and refugees.


The fast-fashion retailer has currently paused all sales in Russia and closed its 170 stores located throughout the country.


The fast-fashion company said on Twitter that it would no longer be doing any retail out of Russia.

"We've been watching the shocking events in Ukraine in horror and disbelief. We've concluded it's neither practical nor right to continue to trade in Russia & today have suspended sales there," the brand wrote. "We're supporting the humanitarian effort and our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine."


While the company stopped deliveries to Russia, stores in the country remain open. Puma has offered financial support and housing options in western Ukraine to its 380 employees in Ukraine and the surrounding area.


The retailer halted sales in Russia and donated €100,000 (about $108,700 USD) to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


The Danish contemporary ready-to-wear fashion brand donated 100.000 DKK (approx. $14,700 USD) to the Danish Refugee Council, a nonprofit currently on the ground helping the crisis in Ukraine.

Grande Cosmetics

Grande Cosmetics is donating 50% of all site proceeds to the Ukrainian Red Cross from March 10th through March 12th.

"The moment I saw the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, I knew we had to do our part to help in any way we could," Grande Cosmetics President and CEO, Alicia Grande, shared in a statement. "Our brand is committed to assisting people of all backgrounds and nationalities. This is a time of unity, for humanity to come together, and we stand in solidarity with all who have been and continue to be affected."

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