The actress stays away from tourist heavy neighborhoods -- and skips the makeup

By Kate Hogan
Updated February 28, 2012 02:00 PM

Cedric Buchet for V Magazine

It seems that these days, Christina Hendricks has multiple personalities. There’s her everyday self, her Mad Men alter ego Joan Holloway and most recently, her silver screen character, Drive‘s sultry Blanche. So not surprisingly, each version of the star has its own look.

In Drive, Hendricks transformed into a dowdy stripper. “The idea was that she kind of look a little terrible,” she tells V magazine. “We chose makeup colors that were just a little bit off, lipstick that was a little too purple and colored my hair a pinkish magenta.” The clothes were quite, uh, special, too. “You’re never going to catch me wearing an acid-wash hoodie any other time,” she jokes.

Flip over to AMC’s retro-chic Mad Men, and Hendricks is in girdles, garters, pencil skirts and heels that often leave her in pain. “I still get a little bruised up,” she admits of the looks. “Now I put moleskin underneath the rubber [in my costumes] so it doesn’t rub against my skin. I’m learning the tricks of the trade.”

But it sounds like daily life is the life Hendricks loves the most — and rightfully so. “Oh, I can go totally unnoticed,” she says of living in L.A. Chalk it up to geographical savvy: “In Los Angeles you know the neighborhoods where you’re more likely to get noticed,” she explains. “And then you probably put on lipstick.”

For more on Hendricks — including gorgeous photos and the story of her lost Chopard jewels — pick up the March issue of V magazine, on newsstands March 1.

–Kate Hogan