"Turn on the lights and cameras and she becomes this kind of superhuman ... pop star," her makeup artist tells PEOPLE

Courtesy Beautylish.com

Her new Fantasy Twist fragrance campaign is officially out, but what really happened on the set of Britney Spears‘s sexy photo shoot a few months ago? According to beauty review site Beautylish.com, some serious magic.

“Some pop stars create a persona for themselves, while some are exactly themselves 24/7,” makeup artist Billy B, who created the looks for the campaign, tells PEOPLE. “Britney is a phenomenon to me. She is the girl next door when you meet her, but turn on the lights and cameras and she becomes this kind of superhuman, Wonder Woman pop star.”

In the ads, Spears is depicted as both a flapper (top) and a Cleopatra-esque character (bottom), to mirror the two-in-one nature of the fragrance bottle. And Billy B thinks that in both cases, her eyes are especially alluring.

“The flapper is a classic, smoky eye — the temptress is dark, strong and sexy — and the Cleopatra look is all liner,” he explains. But neither was too extreme. “She could’ve worn all of the looks on the street,” he adds.

To go further behind the scenes of Spears’s shoot, head over to Beautylish.com. Tell us: Which of Spears’s Fantasy Twist characters do you like best?

–Kate Hogan