August 13, 2010 01:00 PM


Before getting hitched to NHL player Mike Comrie, bride-to-be Hilary Duff is leaning on trainer-to-the-stars Harley Pasternak to help get her in top wedding form. With other svelte A-listers like newlywed Megan Fox and soon-to-be married Jennifer Hudson on his client list, the author of The 5-Factor World Diet clearly knows what it takes to get women in gown-ready shape. “The key is to have amazing shoulders, amazing arms, posture is really important,” Pasternak tells PEOPLE. “But it’s also important to have a really tight midsection, because the way a wedding dress hugs your midsection, you really want it lean and tight.” So how is he upping the ante on Hilary’s usual gym regimen to get her ready for the big day? “Instead of a five-minute cardio warm-up and a five-minute cardio cool-down, maybe we extend those cardio phases to 15 minutes before and after our workout,” says Pasternak. And Hilary’s pre-wedding routine isn’t just about fitness—diet is also key. Each fuel-charged day consists of five meals: a breakfast burrito, mid-morning snack (berry smoothie), lunch (chopped salad), afternoon snack (apple cinnamon oatmeal cookie) and dinner (“she loves Japanese food”). We all know keeping fit is de rigueur in Hollywood, so how is the former tween queen responding to the stringent workouts? “I think she vocally disliked them all!” says Pasternak. But no hard work goes unnoticed. “She looks toned and tight… I’m really proud of her, she looks fantastic.” –Hana Choi; reporting by Thailan Pham

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