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By Jackie Fields
June 27, 2018 09:00 AM

In the nearly three years since Jessica Alba expanded her Honest Company empire with a line of skin care, hair care and makeup products, it has become a favorite of editors and stylists alike. And it should come as no surprise that the California native’s line is especially clutch in summer months. Below, check out the items we wouldn’t pack a travel bag without — and shop honestbeauty.com using our exclusive code “PEOPLEHAIR” to score 25 percent off all beauty products until Monday, July 16.

The Hair Styling Spray Alba Herself Swears By For Gorgeously Air-Dried Hair

The 37-year-old mom of three, who created hair care that would cater to her skin sensitivities, says that when she’s not enlisting a professional hairstylist for an event, she’s perfected her every day, girl-on-the-go routine. “I want volume, but I’m never going to blow-dry my hair, because I have to go to work and I want texture, but I don’t want it to be frizzy,” says Alba, who’s whittled her morning styling session down to three super-easy steps.

“I twist my hair while it’s wet into five sections,” she says. “Then I add [Honest Beauty’s] sea salt spray. I let my hair dry in the car, then when I get to work, I pull it apart, and it’s a smooth wave with a little fuzzy volume.”

Honest Beauty

The Face Powder Helps Us Fake a Vacation Glow

Alba took the guess work out of finding a fool-proof luminizer when she launched this baked face powder in two flattering shades. If you’re seeking a subtle sheen, the formula will deliver just that. But don’t be fooled by it’s subtle gleam, you can use a brush to build up the product and create the type of radiance that will even have you thinking you just spent a weekend in Miami.

The Makeup Remover Wipes We Can Use a Zillion Times on Sweaty Days Without Irritation

Some makeup removing wipes have a reputation for leaving skin feeling even more icky, but not these alcohol-fragrance-and-paraben-free sheets, which remove dirt while imparting moisture.

The Hydrating Balm Alba Applies Everywhere

Sooth dry skin with a coat of this solid multi-purpose ointment. Says Alba, “I put it around my eyes and cuticles, and I also lather it on my kids!” Bonus: The compact packaging will fit in the pocket of your teeniest shorts.

Snag these and a few dozen other beauty products from Alba’s Honest Beauty line for 25 percent off using our exclusive code “PEOPLEHAIR” now until Monday, July 16.