What do you think about this unique fashion trend?

Courtesy Pizza Underground;Courtesy Beyonce;Courtesy James Franco; Wireimage

If you were wondering to yourself yesterday, “What’s Macaulay Culkin been up to lately?”, well, your timing was impeccable. Because as it turns out, he was posting a photo of himself to the Twitter of his Velvet Underground cover band, Pizza Underground. (More on that here.) But it wasn’t just any photo of himself. It was a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt that featured an image of Ryan Gosling wearing a T-shirt that featured an image of Macaulay Culkin as a child. And yes, he knows it’s trippy. “Let’s get meta #ryangosling #macaulayculkin #shirt” he captioned the below photo.

But though Culkin is being deeply ironic in his choice of tee, he is also right on the forefront of a celebrity trend: Wearing another celebrity’s face on your shirt. Four days ago, Beyoncé posted a photo of herself on Instagram paying tribute to Aaliyah in a tee with the late artist’s face on it. And then there was the time Justin Bieber wore a shirt with a vintage picture of Tiffani Thiessen (from her Kelly Kapowski days) to the MuchMusic awards (and Thiessen returned the favor a few weeks later). And then, of course, there’s James Franco, going full Franco in a shirt with a print made entirely out of photos of his face.

Celebs paying homage to other stars on their tees is nothing new, but we haven’t seen things get quite so funky in a long time. Who has your favorite tribute tee? Do you love this trend or find it bizarre?

–Alex Apatoff