Yara Shahidi, Nicole Richie and Rashida Jones Star in Fun Holiday Fashion Videos: Watch Them!

'Tis the holiday shopping season — and brands are celebrating by teaming up with celebrities to debut new holiday-themed videos

‘Tis the holiday shopping season! One way brands are celebrating: Teaming up with celebrities to debut new holiday-themed videos. Among them, Yara Shahidi goes overboard gift-wrapping for Tory Burch, Rashida Jones throws a holiday party with her sis for Banana Republic and Nicole Richie raps as alter-ego Nikki Fre$h to promote her new line Honey Minx. Find out more below.

Yara Shahidi for Tory Burch


The Grown-ish star brags about her excellent gift-wrapping skills — and gets a little carried away in the process — in a new short written by Rashida Jones for Tory Burch titled “That’s a Wrap.” “Wrapping is a series of angles, shapes and tape skills!” she revealed on Tory Burch’s blog. “My best tip is to find a friend who also has gifts to wrap and make it a special time to connect! Even if the gifts aren’t perfect, they will be filled with the spirit of love.” Watch the video above.

Rashida Jones for Banana Republic

Vogue x Banana Republic -2471
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Rashida Jones and her sister Kidada Jones team up to throw a holiday bash — and start their own traditions — in this short called “Party of Two” for Banana Republic. Of course, they go shopping in their Banana Republic-stocked closets for the perfect outfit, and they try on a bunch before Rashida settles on a gold suit and Kidada chooses a silver mock turtleneck and black skirt. Watch the video below.

Nicole Richie for Honey Minx

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The hilariously candid star recently launched an interactive e-commerce platform on Yahoo Lifestyle’s NOW//With Network, where she shills items from her new collection, Honey Minx, in shoppable videos. The line features skin care, accessories, home items and clothes. Her holiday spin: Rapping about how she loves to wrap gifts — from Honey Minx — as her alter ego, Nikki Fre$h. Watch it here.

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