By StyleWatch
Updated June 09, 2008 07:00 PM

David X Prutting/PatrickMcMullan

Step aside Rachel Zoe, there’s a new star stylist in town! Fashion Week Daily is reporting on the latest buzz that hockey-star-turned-Vogue-intern Sean Avery is branching out even further into the fashion world in partnership with his best friend — and Calvin Klein’s former director of celebrity services — Lauryn Flynn. According to the blog, the fashionable pair are going into the celeb stylist business. And Avery, for his part, sees a definite need to bring Hollywood his sartorial services, saying, “We want to get it back to the point where girls don’t worry about what US Weekly says. It’s about expressing individual style and just wearing what’s cool. I’m totally consumed by fashion. We want to help them bring their individuality back.” Tell us: Would you want the New York Ranger to be your personal stylist?