Ashley Graham Models for H&M's Plus Size Collection - But You Can't Buy It in Stores

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Photo: H&M

H&M’s new autumn/winter look book features boundary-breaking model Ashley Graham wearing a series of looks from their new Studio Collection.

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And while the fact that the global retailer is marketing to more sizes shows a positive step towards body inclusivity, a press release for H&M notes that the very plus-size clothes that Graham is modeling will only be available online.

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“H&M’s product range has grown in the past few years and this means not all stores have room to present all our fashion concepts and size ranges,” a spokesperson for H&M tells PEOPLE. “Instead we are happy to offer our customers the full H&M Studio collection online.”

Curvy fashion bloggers have voiced their disappointment in the brand’s decision to not sell the plus-size items in stores.

“It is definitely a slap in the face of plus-size consumers to cast a fuller-figured model and break size boundaries, and then not offer those same sizes in store,” blogger and creative consultant Nicolette Mason told Allure. “H&M offers great, on-trend pieces, and it would be really noteworthy if they made those same styles accessible to all sizes, rather than just paying lip service through casting.”

“The issue with only putting larger sizes online is it leaves out so many women from the in-store shopping experience,” style blogger Kellie Brown told the magazine. “[You miss] going with your friends, trying things on, and taking advantage of all the touch-and-feel retail moments brands spend so much time and effort curating.”

Graham, 28, has been outspoken about wanting to expand the types of bodies seen in the media and the fashion world.

“I think young girls need to have role models who are curvy, who are talking about their cellulite, who are talking about their backsides, because a lot of people are not doing that,” Graham previously told PEOPLE.

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“I believe that what I’m doing, and what other plus-size models of my generation are doing, is continuing to open that door for the next plus-size model to come in and to not be labeled as a plus-size girl, for her not to be judged by the number that’s inside of her pants, for her to be able to be on the cover of American Vogue and it not have the whole article be about, ‘Are you fat and happy?’ ”

We want to hear: What do you think about H&M only offering their plus-size clothes online?

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