Hillary Scott Designed a Clothing Line with One Rule: That a 'Woman Will Only Feel Better About Herself When She Puts It On'

The Lady Antebellum frontwoman talks all about her new line with HSN

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“Need You Now” isn’t just a Lady Antebellum song – it’s also what you’ll be saying to your TV when Hillary Scott goes on HSN April 20 to debut her new clothing line, LaBellum by Hillary Scott. The band’s frontwoman is just the latest celebrity to launch a clothing collection with the shopping channel, and chatted with PeopleStyle about the process, dressing to feel good and what she hopes to model for her daughter (with husband Chris Tyrell) Eisele, 3.

What was your design process?
You know, it’s collaborative. I think that’s very much a similarity of songwriting and designing clothes – you want to get into a writing room with songwriters that have way more experience than you. I never walked into the room feeling like I knew all the answers to what. But one of the things I really boldly stated with them was, if myself or a woman in my life wouldn’t wear it, then it’s a ‘No’ – and that’s really the only parameter I put on it. I had opinions on color choices, on fabrics, on prints … I was extremely picky in certain ways about the fit too. Say it was a blouse that was a little more sheer, I would ask to line it. As someone who’s looking for a new blouse, you’re like, “Okay, I don’t have to purchase an undershirt and a shirt, it’s all in one.”

Were you thinking about how women shop when you were designing?
Everybody, no matter their body type, has their trouble spot or spots they feel a little more worried about. Some women don’t want to show their arms and some women don’t want anything to be cut too narrow or clingy through the midsection, and depending on the day, I’m both of those things! It’s important to me to make sure that, as best I can with every piece of clothing in this collection, that a woman will only feel better about herself when they put it on. HSN does all sizes – it doesn’t just range from a 0 to 12, it goes across the board. That’s important to me because, the standard of what is beauty throughout my life subliminally and just very blatantly, that messaging, it’s had an impact I think on all of us women and it seems to be impacting little girls younger and younger every year.

What are the things you personally look for in clothing?
We all want our jeans to fit right, in the front and the back … Here’s one thing I’ve never loved myself in and that’s a cap sleeve shirt or a cap sleeve dress! For me, I’ve never, at my most fit, felt comfortable in cap sleeves. So that would be my personal choice of a style of clothing or a cut clothing that could disappear forever and I’d be okay with it.

What do you feel best in?
My favorite pair of jeans, a pair of Fryes, a T-shirt and a great denim jacket or a great fit bomber. Or I’ll throw on my Nikes. I’m in a tennis shoe phase these days – I’m seeing it everywhere and I love that I can wear my hidden wedge Nike high tops walking through the airport with a cashmere sweater or a T-shirt and I have a Lululemon bomber that I love to wear, I could be going to the gym or I could be going to the mall and you’ll never know. It’s kinda inspired by my husband; he’s an extremely athletic dresser, he wants to be able to workout in almost everything he’s wearing.

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Does your husband have a favorite outfit of yours?
It’s funny that I said I’m a “cazsh” phase, because he loves me in black tights and a dress. But he also loves when I dress like him, a little sporty and athletic and when he knows I’m comfortable. He knows me better than anyone and when I am uncomfortable in what I’m wearing, he’s like, “Why did you put yourself through that? Don’t be uncomfortable for me.”

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What do you need to do to feel confident on the red carpet?
I have a great playlist while I’m getting ready, and a lot of times, depending on the event, [the band] might all be in the room together and we’ll toast with a glass of champagne. We always come together in the same room before we show up for things, which is really special for us. And I eat! The one time I didn’t eat enough was our first year to the Grammys. I got halfway down the carpet and it was really hot in there and I literally almost passed out. It was just not a smart decision, so I always make sure to remember to eat. And I always shave my legs – even if it’s a long dress!

How do you deal with negativity on social media?
Some days it stings more than others, but on the whole, the way I chose to view it is, if you’re gonna tally the negative comments then you can’t not tally the positive and when you tally them both, there are always more positive. I think I try to not read it because words do hurt deeply. My mom, she’s so Southern and so sweet, she goes, “Hillary, it’s an opportunity to pray for them. Take that opportunity to go, ‘They must be having a bad day and whatever they’re dealing with it gets better for them and they wake up tomorrow a happier more joy-filled person.'”

When you start to really peel back what is most important to you and what your responsibility are as a human being first, it just makes it all get in the right priority, of how much weight you give it or how much energy or emotion you let yourself have about it. I had a baby and I had a C-section. A lot of people have really incredible bodies that bounce back and they look like it never happened and God bless them for that, but that was not me and I’m really okay with that. I want other women, on either side whether you bounce back or not, to feel like they can be okay with that. Everyone should be given the confidence and encouragement to be who they are.

And what are you most excited to share with fans from this line?
There’s a blue maxi dress I’ve worn already back when we were announcing the single. There’s this one tunic top with a bell sleeve that I threw on with jeans – I love the way it fits. I’ve worn a lot of the line. It’s been a little chilly so haven’t debuted as many of the pieces out and about as I’ve wanted to, but we’re in spring now and I’m so excited!

Shop Hillary’s LaBellum collection on HSN.com now and tune in to watch her debut it on HSN on April 20, and tell us: What are you most excited to try?

  • Reporting by KATIE KAUSS
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