The presidential hopeful has a secret style weapon

Hillary Clinton has a team of advisors on her campaign — and one of them happens to be Anna Wintour! According to a new article in the Business of Fashion, Vogue‘s editor-in-chief has been brought on as a fashion consultant for the presidential hopeful.

Wintour, a popular Democratic party supporter, has been advising Clinton on key wardrobe choices for big moments throughout her campaign. So far her involvement includes reaching out to designers to provide outfits to Clinton, which unlike so many other celebrity figures, Clinton pays for herself. Many stars get clothes gifted by brands, but Clinton is known to pay for her own, which can come at a tricky cost.

Stylist Corey Roche, whose clients include D.C. politicians tells Business of Fashion, “You cannot spend a lot of money. I have never seen, except for Donald Trump, a [male] politician wear a Hugo Boss or an Armani suit.” Instead, its best to stick with American designers and avoid expensive brands or else the public “will absolutely eat you alive.”

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Clinton actually experienced that exact backlash in June for wearing a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech on income inequality, which resulted in a full-blown Twitter war. But, to Clinton’s defense, she did wear it a second time to a fundraiser, at which Wintour made a cameo.

Back in February during New York Fashion Week, Wintour donned a Marc Jacobs-designed campaign tee showing support for Clinton (which is still available on Clinton’s website)

As evidence by her array of colorful suits and jackets worn during the campaign, her often joked-about pantsuit days are far behind her. Instead, she’s armed with a wardrobe straight out of the Vogue fashion closet!

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